Links to Existing Calendars
Name Description Administer
Group: CV_Imaging
CV_Imaging All CV imaging resources
Neuro_Nurse MR Research Nurse
Group: Neuro
____TUNA Prisma E line sw
___TARPON Prisma E line sw
_MRtech_Azmi Neuro Tech
_MRtech_Rachael Neuro Tech
_Simu_Room Simulation Room
EEG_system MR compatible EEG system
Front_meeting_room Meeting room next to Tuna control room
Neuro All Neuro Resources
Neuro_Nurse_room Neuro nurse room
Tarpon_Back_Room Small room near Tarpon equipment room
TMS TMS room at neuro CTI
Group: Radiology_Department
676_14th_conf_room 676, 14th Floor, Conference Room
676_large_conf_room 676, 8th Floor, Large Conference Room
676_small_conf_room 676, 8th Floor, Small Conference Room
Educational_Conferences Educational Conferences
Galter_training_room_4th_floor 4th Floor, Galter Training Room
Radiology_Department All Radiology Department Resources
Group: Small_Animal
Small_Animal All Small Animal Resources

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